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Our Story

Anna F. was founded in 1992 thanks to the intuition of two young entrepreneurs who decided to give their new born daughter’s name to the brand. Active for more than 2 decades, Anna F. has always made quality and practicality the strength points of its products, placing great attention to details, finishing, colors, materials and accessories.
By always looking ahead, the brand has managed to propose in every single collection ideas and concepts which were at the height of modern trends, supporting classic models with more avant-garde ones.
Still 100% family owned business, today the founders work together with the daughter in the heads office in Padua, location of the creative laboratory as well. The production of shoes instead has been moved in the Marche region, unlike the production of purses and handbags, other core business of the company, that still remain in the Veneto region.
Distributed in all Italian territory and various export markets, Anna F. has been able to gain loyalty from many customers by always proposing them  high quality products, giving prestige to the certified Made in Italy products.

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